Wendy’s Survey [Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]

In 1969, Dave Thomas established the fast-food restaurant chain in Columbia, Ohio. Wendy’s had they’re headquartered in Columbia, later they moved their headquarters to Dublin, Ohio.

Wendy’s fast-food restaurant chain is popular to sell Hamburgers.

In 2018, the restaurant achieved the position of becoming World’s third largest Hamburger fast-food chain with more than seven thousand locations across the globe, after Burger King and McDonald’s.

Later on, Company announced a merger with the Tricia Companies Inc., on 2008.

In December 2018 Company-owned 353 locations across the globe. Wendy’s fast-food chain has more than six thousand restaurants franchised and among those total number of restaurants, 92% of restaurants are located in North America.

The fast-food chain is popularly known for Square Hamburgers, Sea salt fries and Wendy’s special Frosty.

Wendy’s offers two refreshing variety of patties.

About Wendy’s Survey

Wendy’s Survey

Working at Wendy’s gives workers several health benefits such as Vision, Dental, and medical insurance for life.

Few times Wendy’s experimented with serving breakfast menu as well. The newer breakfast menu was slightly different from the 1985’s.

The Francesca line of sandwiches also added to Wendy’s menu items.

Wendy’s changed their slogans almost every year since the company started. One of Wendy’s slogans was featured with the actress Clara Peller in 1985. The present slogan for Wendy’s is “We got you”. Later on, after the death of Dave Thomas in 2002, Wendy’s had struggled for their new Ad campaign.

Wendy’s released an EP titled “We beefin” from the reference to their 1984 slogan in March 2018.

In the history of any founder in the Fast-food restaurant chain, the created he’s 800 commercials campaigns.

Procedure to do Wendy’s survey

  1. Go to the official website at www.wendy’s.com.
  2. Enter your Hamburger/Chicken sandwich/French Fries/Frosty survey code.
  3. If you can’t find a receipt you have, you can use the restaurant number.
  4. Finally, press enter.
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Procedure to file a complaint against Wendy’s

  1. Call their compliance hotline (800-256-8595) from 9 am-5 pm (CST).
  2. To file a complaint against going on the official website.
  3. Email customer service by using the address above.
  4. By writing a letter to the corporate office.
  5. The best way is to visit the local store in the region and talk to the authority person like a manager.
  6. Calling the support line but they are just going to put the customers on hold.

 Basic information to be filled for the survey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your designation? Are you a student, employee or unemployed?
  3. How many times have you eaten Wendy’s food?
  4. How many times you have ordered Wendy’s food online?
  5. How was your home delivery experience?
  6. How many times you have taken advantage of online deals and offers?
  7. What factors do you like the most about pizza hut and their products?

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The company loves to collect feedback from people as they come to know the customer’s expectations from their food and service. Response from the customer would help them restaurant grow stronger than before.

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