Web Soil Survey [Web Soil Customer Satisfaction Survey]

WSS is a short form designation given to the web soil survey. This survey provides soil data and information that is carried under the guidance and control of national co-operative soil survey.

It is operated and functioned by the USDA natural resources conservation service that is highly recognized as NRCS. They also provide hold to the largest natural resource information system across the globe.

About Web Soil

Web soil survey

The site is updated and kept online

It is functioned and controlled under a single authoritative source of soil survey information.

NRCS derives data including soil maps and data available online for more than 95% of nations counties and analyses the data for coming 100 years further.

These surveys are carried to help;

  1. general farm
  2. local and wider area planning
  3. soil quality
  4. assessments
  5. few conservation and engineering applications.

Steps regarding soil survey

  1. Define your area of interest in interest bar.
  2. Use soil map tab to describe the soils along with provided images.
  3. Use the search tab to get the soil data and you could get the information about the application of soil for different purposes and could fulfil several applications.
  4. Get your customized report with full descriptive information about the soil and its particular use.
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Soil survey components

  1. Brief information about how to use the survey.
  2. A general provision of the map to compare the sustainability and large sections of the county.
  3. Outlined and indexed soil series with specific details
  4. A section is provided on the use and proper management of soils.
  5. Tables are provided with a series of specific soil and outlines.
  6. Tables are provided to show suitability based on standards set by the NRCS.

Soil mapping

Soil mapping is a process of categorizing types of soil, properties, contents, area, etc and Geo-encoding such information.

Soil survey is obtained by sampling a particular field and by remote sensing.

Remote sensing is generally a process where aerial photography is principal of process and other digital techniques like LiDAR are getting popular eventually.

Initially, soil scientists used to carry hard copies along of aerial photography, charts, sheets, and keys of mapping along with them. But today’s scientists carry tablet computers and GPS at the field with them.

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The tablet is loaded with the required software and the have codes that analyze the data and provide the desired results.

The information of the survey done is helpful to farmers and ranchers that further provides them data to cultivate crops or any other application. The survey also defines the nutrient contents in particular soil that helps to decide the type of crop to be produced on the same land.

It also defines whether the soil is good for cultivation of crops else it used for constructing buildings or provision to store the crops produced nearby or the machines, tools required to produce crops.

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Soil survey is helpful to determine the soil properties and contents that either helps farmer and ranchers those produce crops or to the engineers and architects that build facilities on the same land.

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