Monkey Survey [Survey Monkey Customer Satisfaction Survey]

Survey Monkey is recognize as an online survey development company. It is based on cloud software. It is a service provider company. Ryan Finley and Chris Finley are the founders of the company.

The founder established the company in the year 1999. The Survey Monkey provides free surveys which can be customizable. It also provides a suite of paid back-end programs.

These programs include:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Sample selection
  3. Bias elimination
  4. Data representation tools.

In 2015, the company was named to the Forbes Unicorn of start-up companies. The media partners of this company is NBC, CNBC, Common Sense and Vanity Fair.

About the Monkey Survey

Monkey survey

Approximately 20 million questions are answered in the Survey Monkey service every day. Survey Monkey provides the best solution to every difficult survey.

They are asked about every random question no matter whether it is about financial statements or regarding food business or other service factors. The company answer every basic doubt without any hesitation and the complicated ones are also provided with easy and productive solution.

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Survey Monkey features more than 700 employees throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The company of totally dedicated in powering the people who are too curious.

The company appreciate the curious minds and this improvise the skill set of company when they encounter any advanced or complicated doubts. This happens only  because Survey Monkey has built a platform powerful enough for a pro-worker and learner as well.

It has also built a suite of products specifically designed to help the customer to collect and understand the data from customers, clients, employees or the targeted market and also referring the data would help to boost in the market.

Types of Surveys

One can create many types of surveys and get the answers needed to make better decisions. The types of surveys are as following:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey: The customers are key to the company’s success. They can gain insight and grow the business with online customer satisfaction.
  2. Healthcare Surveys: Healthcare surveys provide you with better care for your patients by collecting patient feedback to getting input from staff.
  3. Market Research Surveys
  4. Net Promotion
  5. Online Research Surveys
  6. Employment Satisfaction Surveys
  7. Marketing Survey
  8. Non-Profit Surveys
  9. Meeting Surveys and Events Planning Surveys
  10. Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, School Surveys.
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The Survey Monkey Company is worth $2 billion and has acquisitions back on its mind. When the funding of $250 million was closed, the online survey started up. According to information coming out from the United States overnight, Survey Monkey is now valued almost about $2 billion.

Safety of survey

After taking an online survey distributed by your workplace, a professional institution or even a business collection customer reviews, it’s common that you may have used a Survey Monkey service. This online survey website is completely safe to use.

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This survey is properly distributed and has collective information and relative source to the feeds and doubts that occurs in the mind of customers.

One can even import the data in another sheet by editing his own language and content.

Knowing that the company’s key success is customer satisfaction which is maintained by them.

They also provide suite of products that help the customers to collect and relate the data with the other customers.

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