Oracle Survey – Welcome to Oracle Survey and Feedback

Oracle Survey is the consultancy of land surveying. This is a Western Australian consultancy of land surveying. The main aim of this consultancy is to deliver accurate surveying and geospatial solutions as well as geographical solutions.

the geographical survey, as well as topographical survey, cadastral survey, and geospatial survey, etc. types of surveys, are considered in land surveying which is done through oracle surveys.

Before any type of construction, it is necessary to do the land survey for fixing boundary lines, for checking horizontal distances, for the checking topography of the site, for checking of the geographical condition of the land, etc.

Oracle Survey

Due to land survey, we can know topography of land exactly and so that it is easy to decide on further construction that type of foundation to be laid on land, type of material to be used for construction, types of equipment to be used for excavation, etc. therefore land survey is essential before any type of construction and oracle survey exactly do this and gives best results to the customers.

Oracle Survey - Welcome to Oracle Survey and Feedback

Why choose oracle survey

Oracle surveys provide their services either professional or personal services to the customers of Western Australia since the year 2000. We started our business of land survey with purpose to provide best customer service and now we are here with our best provisions and services as well as customer’s satisfaction.

We take all responsibility of customer’s requirement and gives guarantee to deliver all services as per your requirement and before dead line. To fulfil the specific needs of customers we equipped with technology, knowledge, processes and skills.

We have good team work with our employees and staff which compete their work sincerely and loyally. Also our timetables are good enough to complete work within given deadlines. We fulfil all project needs during surveying.

We take all types of project like small scale as well as large scale infrastructure projects and give our best to you and provide best services to you. You can trust our work by taking reviews from other customers.

Provisions by the oracle surveys

We provide any type of land survey for all types of construction that is for the construction of commercial as well as residential buildings, construction for any type of infrastructure, construction for industrial buildings and many more.

We coordinate with site requirements of client like their problems about lands, the issues about lands, documents use for the lands, environment of site etc. also documentation needed for the large scale as well as large scale developments like commercial development, residential, development, industrial development, infrastructure development etc. done by the oracle survey.

We provide land survey to set out of residential as well as commercial buildings as well as infrastructure like formwork and footing, kerbs, concrete panels, car parks etc. and also utility services like water, gas, sewerage and electricity etc.

Following services are included in oracle surveys

  1. Identification of the surveys concerning before and after purchase. That is if any problem before the purchasing or after purchasing then it can be identify first and after that conformation is done. If any issue about the land is occurs while identification then it will be solve by oracle survey.
  2. Strata title services as well as land subdivisions also done by the oracle survey Pvt. Ltd. If there were any subdivisions in customers land then it can be identify by our company while surveying. It also includes the conversion in common property as well as merger in common property while surveying and sort out them in proper manner.
  3. Before any construction, contractors have to follow each norms as well as rules and regulations of government and for that this all have to approve by architecture. For this purpose our company provides all detailed survey plan according to rules and regulations to the architecture by architectural requirements.
  4. Our plan has been approve by local authorities so that it is necessary to provide detailed survey plans of building as well as planning design. We provide the detailed survey of land of commercial as well as residential buildings according to all norms of the local authorities.
  5. We also conduct a PCA tenancy survey which is required for the property council of Australia for the commercial lease areas.

Employment and working of oracle survey

Oracle survey Pvt. Ltd. Provides the best employment so that work will complete specifically and accurately. We take educated, motivated and experienced surveyors in our team of land surveys.

We take a different team of survey work for a different type of survey. It means according to the nature of survey work we appoint staff or surveyors who are skilled for that type of work

It results well and also work completes within a given datum line. We chose the method of work like this way by which work will complete perfectly with minimum or zero defects in it and gains the customer’s satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the basic aim of our work which most important to us and to fulfill it we work hard and each employee of the company gives their best to the work.

Experience of oracle survey

We featured many projects successfully. Some of them given as follow:

  1. Crown towers
  2. Fiona Stanley hospital
  3. Harbour town
  4. Midland hospital
  5. Claremont quarter
  6. Perth Convention and exhibition center
  7. Mecure Hotel Perth
  8. Steve’s apartment complex
  9. Brookfield place heritage precinct
  10. Raffles hotel development Applecross
  11. Woolworths distribution centre
  12. District court building etc.

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As from the above points, we know all about the oracle survey Pvt. Ltd. That our provisions, specifications, services that are provided to customers, employment and working method, as well as our experience, etc. all, are very well and good.

We committed to give maximum returns to the clients by using cutting edge technology, also from the provision of best land survey solutions. For that, we use our highly qualified and experienced staff as well as the self-motivated employee. We give our best.